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Spiritual Program

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Saint Mark Catholic School, an integral part of the St. Mark Parish community, believes in our Christian responsibility to educate our children in an atmosphere of loving acceptance. Nurtured by a spirit of faith commitment in our Lord Jesus Christ, we strive to help our students achieve their God-given potential as individuals and as members of the community. It is for this reason that Saint Mark Catholic School exists.

Because our philosophy is gospel oriented, the curriculum is taught in light of Catholic Christian values. Christian morals and values permeate our entire education system. Parents and students are expected to attend and participate in Mass weekly. The sacrament of reconciliation is available several times during the year at scheduled times for the students. Children participate in the blessing of throats, reception of ashes, Stations of the Cross, Respect Life Presentations, May Crowning and other Para liturgies at the appropriate seasons of the liturgical year. No student is exempt from taking religion class or participating in the liturgical celebrations.

We believe that all education must lead to the development of a mature and personal relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Emphasis is placed on instruction in the classroom, a common prayer life, participation in Mass and the sacraments and community service.

As a Catholic school, we recognize that there is no greater opportunity for parent directed religious education than your presence at Mass. It is essential to our mission as Catholic educators, in partnership with parents, that families attend church each Sunday and Holy Days to support the Catholic education of their children. As the primary religious educators of their children, parents are expected to follow through consistently on this most serious obligation. Given the mission of the school as an agent of Catholic Christian formation, the school will accept those children whose parents demonstrate an understanding of the specifically Christian nature of the school and a desire to participate in the mission.